Chicago Cubs Star Derrek Lee to Host ‘Strikes for Kids’ Event to Benefit Area Families in Need
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Chicago Cubs star and Sacramento native Derrek Lee and his 1st Touch Foundation will host “Strikes for Kids,” a celebrity bowling event to benefit area families in need through the St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children. The event will take place this Saturday, January 30th at Strikes Bowling Alley in Elk Grove. Link to Full Story (Link to PDF, PDF saved as, Strike For Kids Press Release)
Genetic Testing Update
Edwin M. Stone, M.D., Ph.D. There are a number of reasons for a patient affected with LCA to consider genetic testing. The most basic reason is to confirm the clinical diagnosis and to determine the precise molecular subtype of the disease. As gene-specific treatments like RPE65 gene replacement therapy become more widely available, a precise molecular diagnosis can be an important step toward treatment. Link to Full Story (Link to PDF, PDF saved as, Genetic Testing Update)
Gene therapy improves sight in near-blind patients
Although both trials were only testing for safety, patients reported they could see a little better afterwards, the researchers told a meeting of eye specialists in Florida and also reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Gene Therapy Improves Vision In Nearly Blind Patients
ScienceDaily (Apr. 28, 2008) — In a clinical trial at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, researchers from The University of Pennsylvania have used gene therapy to safely restore vision in three young adults with a rare form of congenital blindness. Although the patients have not achieved normal eyesight, the preliminary results set the stage for further studies of an innovative treatment for this and possibly other retinal diseases.