Volunteer with Society for the Blind SacramentoSOCIETY FOR THE BLIND


City: Sacramento, CA
Organization: Society for the Blind
Need: Assist a blind or visually impaired person with tasks such as grocery shopping, reading mail, and paying bills. Volunteers are matched with one client based on geographic area and interests.
Time Commitment: Two to four hours per week-weekdays, evenings, and/or weekends at a time convenient for both the volunteer and the client.
Note: Personal volunteers must also complete a supplemental application and screening process.

The Society for the Blind receives proceeds from three weekly Bingo games held at the Grand Oaks Bingo Place in Citrus Heights. Games benefiting the Society are played on Sunday evenings and Tuesday days and evenings. Volunteers completely staff and run these games. Time commitment is four hours per game, at least two times per month.

Access News:
Access News is a program which allows volunteers to record newspapers, magazines, and other items of interest so that blind and visually impaired clients can listen to these publications by telephone.

Special Events:
Volunteers can also help plan and staff other regular one time events. The time commitment varies according to the event.

Don’t see anything you would like to do? Call us for more opportunities- We would love to include your talents on our team.

For more information please contact: Volunteer Coordinator (916) 452-8271 or email frontdesk@societyfortheblind.org.