As part of Derrek Lee’s vision for his 1st Touch Foundation, he developed the D. Lee Scholars Program in 2008.  Each year the program is offered to a group of selected students in the Greater Sacramento Area.  Past recipients are the Twin Rivers Middle School District, and students living in the Twin Rivers Housing Complex. 

Students who committed to, and upheld the programs principals, and are hosted by Derrek at a future Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants game, in San Francisco California.

As a D. Lee Scholar students agreed to the following seven principals: 

Citizenship – D. Lee Scholars must exhibit good behavior and submit a written testimonial from a neighbor, teacher or Center staff member of when they have displayed good citizenship.

  1. Participation – D. Lee Scholars will not miss more than two (2) days of school during the scholarship program.
  2. Volunteerism – D. Lee Scholars will volunteer within community for 1 hour a week.
  3. Essay Submission – D. Lee Scholars will submit a high quality essay to be reviewed by Derrek Lee and his 1st Touch Foundation’s staff. 
  4. Reading Challenge - D. Lee Scholars will read three books during the scholarship program.
  5. Academic Advancement – D. Lee Scholars will achieve an maintain good grades. *No D's or F's allowed at the time of the trip to San Francisco.